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Friday, 5 September 2008

Cover track #2

Some great cover versions, and lots of awful ones, have a peculiar ability to stop people mid-stride as they cock their head to one side and ask, "who the hell is this?"

One recent track (released in 2007 but new to me) which falls headlong into this category is Killing by The Apples. The band is a deep funk nonet from Israel featuring a four piece brass section, two fellas playing turntables, an upright bassist, a phenomenal drummer and, er, the sound guy. The track in question is a deep funk take on Killing In The Name Of, Rage Against The Machine's classic anthem for people everywhere who are feeling a bit ticked off about something.

As ever when a well-loved song is given a genre-jumping makeover, The Apples' version may divide opinion, but it's impossible to play it in public without someone asking after the band. Personally, I like it so much that next time I silently determine not to do what they tell me, it'll be the Apples' version soundtracking my private rage.

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