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Monday, 15 September 2008

My box of musical treasures #1

Allow me to be a bit self indulgent for a few posts (don't worry, I won't put them up consecutively).

I have a wooden chest at home full of the accumulated clutter from my time working around music, and after going through it recently I thought I'd preserve it here for posterity. Besides, I'd be absolutely gutted if I ever lost it, so at least it'll exist in cyberspace from now on anyway.

First up is my laminates, of which some are shown right here (click on the picture to see it bigger)...

I'm not going to trot out a memory for each and every one, because you don't have the time to read all that and quite frankly some of them are memories I'd rather forget. But in case the picture's not too clear, here's the list left to right, top to bottom.

- Jimmy Eat World tour 04/05
- Tonight Show with Jay Leno, for Jimmy Eat World I think
- Sheryl Crow Wildflower tour - I believe I met Lance Armstrong that night. Cool!
- The first of many Papa Roach laminates - don't ask me which tour was which - I worked with them for years and spent far too many nights trailing around America after them
- Guns N' Roses - bit of a red herring this as it was a freebie with a record I bought when I was about 14.
- Beck tour
- From a Nelly Furtado show for Nokia on New Year's Eve in Mumbai, India
- Papa Roach again
- Daniel Bedingfield UK tour - definitely winning the 'cheapest laminate' prize
- Beck again - from the Information tour I think
- Foo Fighters - annoyingly, this belongs to My Wife. I couldn't go so her and a friend went and this was for the one-off acoustic show in London
- Papa Roach. Again.
- That one's Papa Roach
- Wango Tango! It's a big annual gig put on by LA radio station KIIS FM. It was their anniversary, so naturally the band Kiss headlined. Also playing was Xtina and the reason I was there - Bedingfield. Walked past Corey Feldman though, so that was worth it alone.
- A Dreamworks records showcase night featuring Swizz Beatz, Floetry and someone else. The plastic thing is meant to be an afro comb and at the time it lit up red. Dope.
- Extreme, US '91. Like the GN'R one above, a freebie from when I was little. Cheating really, I guess.
- The Cure at the Move festival in Manchester
- A Breast Cancer charity event at the Albert Hall - I was there with Sheryl Crow I think.
- Aah - my first ever trip abroad for work - to the Isle of Man TT race, where Cast were playing
- A Nokia gig in Germany, with a bunch of European bands whose names I forget
- Reading festival
- Papa Roach
- Ditto
- A TV show in Las Vegas with Carson Daly - Papa Roach were performing. Oh, and Ashton Kutcher was there promoting the Scooby Doo movie
- A Black Eyed Peas gig in Shanghai for whisky brand Chivas
- The Wallflowers. Disappointingly, Bob Dylan never showed up (his son's the singer).
- Alien Ant Farm tour
- Some NME show or other, but I'm not sure who
- Another Wango Tango pass
- Bryan Adams! Awesome!
- Spice Girls - when they announced their reunion. I got bitten so badly in a very uncomfortable place, raising questions as to the hygiene standards of the establishment where the press conference was held. I won't name names though. Cough, the Vue cinema cough at the O2 Arena cough.
- A WOMAD festival pass
- Another Reading festival pass
- The Hives, at Hammersmith Apollo I seem to remember
- Bon Jovi at Shepherd's Bush Empire - it doesn't get much better than that. Alas, I wasn't there with Jon and the boys but with the support, Lifehouse. Remember them? Thought not.
- Anger Management tour, San Francisco. Pretty good actually - Eminem, Xzibit, Papa Roach and Limp Bizkit (who despite what they turned into, were in the middle of a real moment back then, and their stage set-up, featuring a giant robot, was pretty, shall we say, rad).
- And I've saved the classiest for last - Alien Ant Farm Asses All Areas pass. Ahem.

That's it from the chest today - next time, wristbands. Ooooh!

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