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Monday, 22 September 2008

My box of musical treasures #3

It's the one you've all been waiting for - promo tat.

There have been some truly brilliant promotional items dreamt up over the years, some steeped in legend (like The Beatles' lunchboxes) and some steeped in god knows what (Kiss coffin, anyone?), but for what it's worth, here's my own little collection. Most of these weren't for public consumption, but for giving out to media people and the like. I'm not sure if that makes them more exclusive or means the people behind them put less effort in. I suspect it's the latter.

I didn't really go out of my way to track these down, and I've never spent any money on any of this stuff, but when it was in my reach I grabbed it with both hands. And as I've said on the previous treasure box posts, I'm really glad I did. I use the word 'tat' perhaps a little unfairly, but on the other hand I'm not sure I could rely on this little collection to secure a happy and long retirement. All good fun though - here's a run down (broadly speaking left to right, top to bottom).

- Girls Aloud Chemistry notebook for the album of the same name
- G-Unit bar towel
- The Like fanzine (they were a US indie girl band who made some small ripples in about 05/06)
- No Doubt Rock Steady sweatbands
- Audioslave lighter with attached bottle opener
- NERD bottle opener that plays a snippet from Lapdance when you use it
- Cerrone drumsticks (he's a disco legend from France whose big hit was Supernature)
- Eminem door hanger
- Obie Trice bar towel
- Korn finger skateboard pack
- Roots Manuva rolling papers
- Hundred Reasons lighter
- Queens of the Stone Age zippo lighter
- Lloyd Banks zippo lighter
- Alkaline Trio zippo lighter
- Snow Patrol key ring
- Ms Dynamite pencil in the shape of some dynamite, obviously
- Girls Aloud lyric prompt cards (I can't really explain them any better than that because I never really understood what the point of them was)
- Blink 182 finger keyboard
- Ruff Ryders condom (unused)
- Papa Roach plastic cockroach
- Queens of the Stone Age ear plugs from their Songs For The Deaf album release
- Sum 41 Fat Lip rubber boxing glove
- Blink 182 First Date condom (unused)
- The Cure badge set
- D12 matchbook
- 50 Cent dollar bill
- Papa Roach nail varnish
- Weezer pot of pills (minty sweets) for their We Are All On Drugs single
- Yeah Yeah Yeahs bag of 7" (Y Control I think), sweets (uneaten) and badges (unworn)
- Queens of the Stone Age badges
- Ian Brown chocolate (uneaten and now sadly loooooooong out of date)
- Puddle of Mudd foldable flying disc thing (in the brown packet)
- No Doubt Return To Saturn wall mobile
- Anger Management tour (Eminem, Limp Bizkit, 50 Cent, Papa Roach) wristbands
- Busta Rhymes pocket hand warmer for his Touch It single (no longer working)
- Bloodhound Gang rubber banana
- Eagle Eye Cherry disposable camera
- Scissor Sisters silver pendant
- Girls Aloud shot glass for the Call The Shots single
- Linkin Park plaster for their track Paper Cut
- Monster Magnet thong for their single God Says No, which is helpfully printed on the rear of the thong
- Audioweb lighter
- 'Free Lil Kim' wristband (she was in prison at the time, for perjury I think)
- Snoop Dogg loaded dice (only one of them works!)
- Architechts leopard print thong for their single Body Groove
- Queens of the Stone Age chain wallet
- Kaiser Chiefs tennis ball (see their video for Modern Way for the relevance of that)
- Field Mob car freshener
- Daddy Yankee dog tags
- AC/DC patch
- Queens of the Stone Age matchbook
- Lollapalooza beer sleeve and lollipop
- 50 Cent wristbands
- Limp Bizkit keyring

Christ, what a load of toot. Hopefully I'll never have to type that up again.

Stay tuned for sticky passes coming next time.

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