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Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Way to go J-Lo!

See now, I could never work for Heat or the Daily Mail because although I like celebrities, I only really like it when they do nice things, behave well, and generally buck the trend for thinking that having a famous face is an excuse to act like a shit. And today in the news there were reports of such an instance, from a quite unexpected subject.

So big congratulations to Jennifer Lopez for completing the Malibu Triathlon. Athletically speaking, it's no big deal - her time was a "respectable" (according to some guy from the British Triathlon Federation) two hours 23 minutes, but what's more commendable is the way she went about taking part in the race.

Either deliberately or accidentally she took the opportunity to dispel any rumours of her being the least bit diva-ish. But before we look at the details, let's just think about what she did for a minute. She did a TRIATHLON! Christ, it's not exactly likely to be a prime opportunity for a stylish photo opp, so how much of a diva could she be to have taken part in the first place? Not much, I'd say.

However, lesser slebs might have still cocked it up and done something to offend the crowds - Mariah arriving in a limo? Madonna issuing directives that no-one can look at her? Not our Jenny From The Block. She got properly stuck in - no security, no extra help, she wore the right kit (wetsuit, swimming costume and all) - and yes, she did get changed behind a towel in between disciplines.

So take a bow J-Lo. As much as My Wife considers Dave Grohl to be her future husband, I think I may have just found the next Mrs W.

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