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Wednesday, 15 October 2008

US charts shocker

I've just recovered from reading some shocking news on

It concerns an American band called Rise Against, who I'm pretty sure you won't have heard of, and I'm in no small part responsible for that because I used to look after their press in the UK, so if you haven't heard of them I obviously didn't do a very good job.

But the reason I was so shocked was because this band of little-known Chicago straightedgers have just scored the highest new entry this week in the Billboard Top 200. No mean feat in any given week, but they've done it by going in at #3 and by beating off a couple of rather more established artists in the process - namely Oasis and Bob Dylan. Admittedly, Oasis have never been massive in the States and Dylan's album is rarities and not new material, but still - that's impressive.

Course, it may well sink without a trace after the fanbase have all bought their copy and indeed there's a good chance that Rise Against's fame in the UK will never be forthcoming, but enjoy the moment while it lasts lads - it's nice to hear about.

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