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Thursday, 27 November 2008

Richey Edwards RIP

One thing I always do when I read the paper everyday is check the obituaries. That might sound a little morbid but an obituary is actually an excellent way of reading a potted history of someone. It's also good for catching up with who's dead, obviously.

I was surprised to see comedian Bernie Mac appear on those pages a few months ago, not having seen anything about his premature death in the news. But that mild surprise was nothing compared with my eyes nearly popping out when I saw this week a big obituary on long-lost Manic Street Preachers guitarist Richey Edwards.

If you were into the indie rock scene at all around the first half of the 90s, you won't need reminding of his remarkable disappearance in 1995 - he just vanished. His parked car at the Severn service station has led most to believe that he jumped off the Severn bridge, which would explain why no body has been found. Of course, with no body, comes no proof of death, so sightings of him are almost as regular as Elvis and Bigfoot.

But why the obit? Edwards was declared officially dead on November 23rd this year. I'd love to know the legal background to that - he went missing on February 14 1995, so it's not like it was exactly X amount of years ago. Perhaps someone knows - annoyingly the obituary I read failed to mention it.

Anyway, hopefully now you can get some rest Richey, wherever you are...

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