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Thursday, 19 February 2009

The Brits

I'm watching the Brits and really struggling to care.

I was lucky enough to go to it a few times (let me tell you, doing the red carpet with 50 Cent is not something I want to repeat in a hurry), and it's definitely an 'event' when you're there - it's big, noisy and the performances are special.

I've seen people bemoaning the lack of controversy this year, but I don't see that as a pre-requisite for a good Awards bash, as long as it's interesting.

If I may permit myself a moment of red-bloodedness, the ladies all scrubbed up well with Duffy, Kylie, Natalie Imbruglia, Estelle and Girls Aloud all looking fab. Oddly, the men all looked like they were dressed in the 90s.

I found the U2 performance embarrassing. I've never seen them live so maybe they're always like that but it just didn't do it for me. The new song was pretty good though.

The voiceover on the TV broadcast said an amazing statistic - 6 of the 10 biggest selling albums in the world of 2008 were British artists. I know Coldplay and Duffy were amongst that number, but I'll have to look up who the others were.

Great to see Girls Aloud win an award finally - it was beginning to get a bit like Martin Scorcese with the Oscars - and The Promise is truly a great pop song.

Very disappointing that Robbie didn't join Take That, which I wish he would just so that the press would stop banging on about it. Horrible miming from Take That - truly rubbish that they do that, though I know it's not necessarily their decision.

Kanye West's acceptance speech was weird - his face still looks puffy, as I said on my post about the MTV EMA's, and his pun about International/Interracial male was a stinker. Goes without saying that he never should have won anyway - what have they got against Jay-Z???

At least they saved the best for last - the Pet Shop Boys' performance was really good. Still find it difficult to listen to them without thinking of Flight Of The Conchords' Inner City Life.

So yeah, that was the Brits. Meh.

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