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Friday, 13 February 2009

Same title, different song

I had a fantastic time this morning calling in at my local Oxfam to check their vinyl. It's one of those Oxfam's that's dedicated to books, so operates more like a proper shop than the usual charity shops full of old clothes and VHS's. Brilliantly, this one has a great record section too, and I picked up a few things.

There's something about buying records in an Oxfam that makes them seem more attractive - it's nothing to do with the charity aspect, though that's a nice factor. It's more the fact that if I saw the same record in a 'proper' record shop, I might not buy it because the choice is bigger, and there's no real surprise in finding a record in a record shop. But stick that same record in Oxfam, and suddenly it becomes a much more viable purchase. I maybe haven't explained that too well, so here's an example - The Band's Stage Fright album is one I've often thought of buying, and have passed on whenever I've seen it in Record & Tape Exchange. But as soon as I saw it in an Oxfam this morning, I knew that I was going home with it.

And that record is what prompted this post - another reason why I brought it was the fact that the first track on there is called Strawberry Wine. I know there are some Ryan Adams fans out there and that might ring a bell with you, as it did with me, as being one of Adams' most heartwrenching, poignant songs (and that's saying something coming from him). It's on his 29 album. So, I wondered, was the Ryan Adams version actually a cover that I hadn't realised was a cover? Alas, it wasn't. Completely different songs. (And in another coincidence, I was at a farm shop in the Midlands at the weekend with my family, and they sold strawberry wine, and because of the Ryan Adams song I decided to buy it. Of course, now I have two song reasons to drink it.)

Anyway, back to music. The Strawberry Wine mix-up (no harm done I should add - The Band's version is great also) got me thinking about different songs with the same title and I started looking for a few, which of course led to me finding a lot. In the interests of not wasting that highly valuable "research" time, here they are for your perusal, and in the interests of not wasting your valuable time, I've limited it to songs that have more than two versions, because the list of songs with just two versions would be a hell of a lot longer than this one...

All I Need - Air, Jay-Z, Radiohead, The Willowz
America - Neil Diamond, Razorlight, Simon & Garfunkel
Angel- Aerosmith, Fleetwood Mac, Jimi Hendrix
Beautiful - Christina Aguilera, Paul Simon, Snoop Dogg
Crazy - Aerosmith, Gnarls Barkley, Snoop Dogg, Patsy Cline, The Boys
Creep - RZA, Radiohead, TLC, Stone Temple Pilots
Do You Love Me? - The Kingsmen, Kiss, The Explorers Club
Dreams - Fleetwood Mac, The Game, Ty
Freedom - Tapper Zukie, Jurassic 5, Wham!
Fuck You - Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, Pharoah Monch (odd that it's only rappers who've thought of this for a song title)
Good Times - Chic, Stone Roses, Sam Cooke
Heartbreaker - The Crystals, Metronomy, Led Zeppelin
Hold On - Hot Chip, Razorlight, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Foreign Beggars
Holiday - Madonna, Joan As Police Woman, Metronomy
Honey - Moby, Bobby Goldsboro, Stephen Fretwell
I Believe In You - Neil Young, Kylie Minogue, Talk Talk
In The City - The Jam, Joe Walsh, Razorlight
Lullaby - The Cure, The Acorn, Loudon Wainwright III
Music - Madonna, James Taylor, LTJ Bukem, Erick Sermon
One - Metallica, U2, Vampire Weekend
One Love - Massive Attack, Prodigy, Nas, Stone Roses
Over And Over - Foo Fighters, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Hot Chip
Rain - The Beatles, Stephen Fretwell, Ty
Rattlesnake Shake - Aerosmith, Motley Crue, Skid Row
She - Kiss, Green Day, Chatham County Line
Stand - Poison, REM, Sly & The Family Stone
Thank You - Led Zeppelin, Stephen Fretwell, Sly & The Family Stone
Time - Anthrax, Supergrass, Pink Floyd, Dennis Wilson
Trouble - Coldplay, Jay-Z, The Rakes, Ray LaMontagne
Without You - The Doobie Brothers, Motley Crue, Nilsson
You And I - Queen, Dennis Wilson, Rick James

Christ, that took ages.

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