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Friday, 20 March 2009

The Guardian's 1000 Songs Everyone Must Hear

Those kindly music-loving folks at the Guardian have been giving away a supplement a day for the past week, all under the banner of 1000 Songs To Hear Before You Die.

It's a bold claim, sure, but I prefer to take these things as they're intended and not really let such thoughts as "surely there are more than 1000 songs that are worth recommending" bother me.

Each of the seven parts is themed:
People And Places
Protest And Politics
Life And Death
Party Songs

If you missed the supplements this week, you can catch up with them here.

I'll be taking a few moments (days?) to compile a playlist of the songs from those 1000 that I already own, both to ascertain whether they really are the best 1000 songs under those themes, and also to use it as an excuse to buy the ones that I don't have.

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