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Monday, 11 May 2009

5 songs...about particular girls

1. Beth - Kiss

2. Gloria – Patti Smith

3. Jenny – I’m From Barcelona

4. Lola – The Kinks

5. Melanie – David Holmes

Footnote: About the picture on this post - the photos I use on the 5 Songs posts aren't meant to be completely obvious connections to the post, with some being cryptic and some just being a bit obscure. Basically, I put the title of the 5 Songs theme into Google Images search and see what comes up, which is eye-opening in itself. This however, was different. Apparently, if you google "girls name", google thinks that you've asked it to find as many free porn images as it can. Some really rather graphic. Which is very odd, because the same does not happen when you google "boys name". So, I dared not scroll through too many pages of the search results, but plumped for this even-more-random-than-normal shot.

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