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Friday, 29 May 2009

Album Art - Daft Punk

Here's a pair of beauts. One thing I love about album art is when bands have some consistency, even if it's just for a couple of albums. A classic example that springs to mind is Queen's A Night At The Opera and A Day At The Races, though I don't find them as aesthetically pleasing as these Daft Punk sleeves.

DP's first album, 1996's Homework, on the left of the picture, sees the band's logo as an old school patch, which sits perfectly alongside their two key influences after dance music - rock and the 80s. And both sleeves really show that if you have a great logo, sometimes that's all the art you need - they haven't even put the album titles on the cover, and the sleeves don't feel lacking because of it.

For their second album, 2001's Discovery on the right of the photo, they've stepped themselves up a gear with a shimmering silvery take on the logo that looks like it's seeped out of the Terminator from the second movie, when Arnie's the good guy. It's futuristic, but because it's the same logo, it's familiar.

Just using the logo is a similar trick to just using the album title, which Soulwax did and that album will be coming soon in this series of posts, so stay tuned...

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