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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Dylan poetry confuses people

Sometimes Dylan's lyrics can creep into the territory marked "Cryptic" but on this occasion, it's the origin of his words that's got people scratching their heads.

My Wife stuck a story under my nose about a Dylan poem called Little Buddy, written when he was 16, going up for auction, and so I thought that'd be great for the blog. The poem had been kept by someone who went to the same school as Dylan and was about the sad story of a dog beaten to death by a drunk. It began with the line "Broken hearted and so sad/Big blue eyes all covered with tears/Was a picture of sorrow to see." It was being hailed as an early example of Dylan's brilliance. So...

Before I even had a chance to write about this little piece of rock history that had come to light, My Wife followed it up with another story, this time saying that in fact the Dylan poem wasn't a poem at all, but some lyrics, and wasn't by Dylan, but was an old country song by late Canadian singer Hank Snow. You can have a listen to that song here, but don't do that if you're drunk and like dogs. You'll weep.

A lot of fuss about nothing really, but amusing nonetheless.

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