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Thursday, 14 May 2009

Mark Ronson saves animals

Mark Ronson splits opinions musically, but I hope I don't know many people who would be cynical about this advert he's done for PETA.

A friend of mine worked with Sophie Ellis Bextor and she did one of these ads a few years ago - she was wearing a glamourous dress but was holding a skinned dead fox. Apparently the shoot was one of the worst smelling places my friend had ever been but it got the message across with a powerful image.

Ronson's version doesn't quite have that shock factor, opting instead to feature his friendly looking pooch, Maude.

And speaking of Ronson, I was going through a few boxes of CDs the other day and came across a a promo mix CD called the C. Ronson mixtape - I vaguely remember it being given away with a magazine, Touch or Hip Hop Connection perhaps. It's pretty good, if slightly predictable, mixing the pop usuals (Jackson, Prince, Robert Palmer) with the expected hip hoppers of Jay-Z, Mos Def and Pharrell. There're a few less likely names thrown in like Fiona Apple, Simon & Garfunkel and Modest Mouse, though the whole thing's marred by the ridiculous "Ronson" vocal drop every couple of minutes - the perils of freebie CDs I suppose.

Also, Mark's all over it, with his "refixes" and the like, so I'm not really sure why it says Samantha Ronson on it, like it does. Anyway, good one for supporting the animals Mark.

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