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Monday, 29 June 2009

Radio Fivelive music reviews

The lovely Victoria Derbyshire had me back on her show this morning for the third time, to help with the music reviews.

You can now subscribe to the music reviews as a podcast on iTunes, or if you can listen to the latest one here.

It was a little daunting to begin with as I was the only music reviewer in the studio, as Colin Paterson (Fivelive's entertainment correspondent) joined on the phone from Glastonbury and the other reviewer, Katrina, was dialling in from Scotland as she's a BBC music reviewer in Scotland. It made no difference in the end except for the fact that when you're not sitting in the same room it's hard to know who's gearing up for talking next, hence the few interruptions and false starts that you can hear.

We chatted about four of the new releases today - La Roux's debut album, Bruce Springsteen's new single My Lucky Day,Moby's new album called Wait For Me and Jamie T's new single, Sticks & Stones.

Have a listen to the podcast to see what we all thought.

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