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Saturday, 4 July 2009

Quote #10

Q: That Eminem incident...we think he looked dangerously aroused. What about you?

A: Ja he vas very aroused. Let me tell you, the real Slim Shady vas beginning to stand up. Ich vas not so bothered. Ich vish ich had landed on Kanye Vest und he had assumed ze role of ein "Bruno Digger".

Q: Dubstep and electro-pop is the sound of the UK's summer. What's rocking Bruno's iPod right now?

A: Ich have ein really vide taste in music - everything from early-90s techno to mid-90s dance. Ich like literally everything from Aqua to Scooter. Recently ich have got into Pink - he's so hunky!

Said by: Bruno

Said why: Cover story interview

Said in: The Guardian Guide, 4th July, p. 8/9

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