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Friday, 24 July 2009

Video - The Stone Roses' Elephant Stone live

Of all the musical tragedies to come out of the demise of The Stone Roses, the one that I'm always amazed never gets the attention it deserves, is the waste of the incredible drumming talent that was (still is??) Reni. He was such a brilliant sticksman and while Ian Brown, John Squire and Mani all went on to make music post-Roses (of varying quality), Reni appears lost to the world, which is such a massive shame. Some research (well, wiki obviously) throws up that he might be in a new band with someone from Black Grape, and he was also asked to be the drummer in the Fun Lovin' Criminals, but that didn't take his fancy. Somebody who was something to do with the Hacienda said that Reni played the drums like Hendrix played the guitar, which is pretty much on the money.

So, apart from the obvious favourite of the pounding beat of I Am The Resurrection, this is my favourite Stone Roses drumming track.

This video's also timely as we're half way through another crafty record label money-spinner, in the form of the resissue of a few Roses 7"s in a box. Did I resist this cynical attempt to get fans to pay for things they probably already owned? What do you think?

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