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Monday, 6 July 2009

Wireless unwired

So this weekend was spent in the blazing sunshine with Global Cool for the second of the four GC festival weekends this summer. Download was first, but this weekend was a little closer to home and twenty seven minutes after leaving my flat, I was onsite. That'll perhaps make up for next weekend, which will be four days away at the T In The Park festival. Having done that one before a few days, I can't quite summon up the enthusiasm that Edith Bowman seems to be summoning on the radio at the moment.

The Global Cool bus looked great again, but this time the position was amazing - right in front of the stage, but with the added bonus of having a top deck (you know, like what buses do), so views of the stage were pretty unsurpassed. Once again we did our best to show everyone how much more fun you can have on a bus than you can when you're driving, and the crowds seemed to vote with the feet and the area was pretty much busy the whole weekend. And look how many people signed the fricking thing...

Christ knows where we're going to fit the T In The Park and V Festival signatures, but we'll work it out on Thursday. Apologies if you happen to spot anything offensive on there - trust me, whatever you see, we crossed out way worse. Where do people get their inspiration (if you can call it that) from?!?

The view really was this good:

We had a good showing of new acts coming to the bus but the big-hitters seemed to prefer to stay in their backstage area, the lazy slebs. Still, thanks to Zarif, Mpho and The Hosts for coming and saying hi.

As for the weekend's music, I wasn't fussed about many of the acts in truth, so beetled away with the work, and then shot off home when I could. Basement Jaxx have always been a band I have little time for, and I've seen Kanye West in smaller places than Hyde Park, so opted to spend my Sunday night elsewhere. I did catch Young Jeezy (a thoroughly pointless live show), Alesha Dixon (lovely girl and not a bad live show), Saint Etienne (so so so so so shit and that singer Sarah has the worst live manner I've ever seen), Diversity (quite impressive but a very short set), N-Dubz (as pop as their singles suggest) and errrr, if there were any others they've completely failed to stay in my memory.

So that's it - I reckon next weekend's T In The Park will be much more exciting on a personal level as well as more productive for the Global Cool team, so tune in after then to find out what went down.

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