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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

The Rough Trade pub quiz

Rough Trade run a pub quiz every monday night at The Lexington pub, between Angel and Kings Cross (in London) and for the past two mondays me and some friends have valiantly competed. And I have to say, it's a lot of fun.

I'm a massive fan of pub quizzes anyway, and last week we only ended up there because another pub we intended to go to had cancelled their quiz at the last minute. So Will, he of The YOI, remembered the Rough Trade one and off we trotted to The Lexington. Had I known we were going to end up at the Rough Trade quiz I wouldn't have worn my Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve t-shirt (bought at the Rough Trade stand at the Field Day Festival) or taken my copy of Mojo magazine to do the crossword to kill time before others got there. I felt like quite the muso pub quiz cliche.

Anyway, it was fun last week, there were only four of us and we were pretty pleased with out mid-table performance. After all, I was really expecting it to be damn tough, but it was definitely accessible to all levels of music knowledge (the first question was to name just one member of JLS - no, we didn't get it).

But last night. Well, that was a whole other story - we came second! I'm still proud of that. There were more of us (8) and we bagged a table, which always helps the feeling of team solidarity, but still, 115 points out of about 135 was pretty damn good I felt (the winners got 118, the buggers).

Here's a couple of questions that I can remember -
What was Bob Marley's middle name? Nesta (we got that one)
What was the name of Tele Sevales' big hit in the 70s? If (we didn't get that one)
In the picture round there was a picture of two toilets as a cryptic clue to an artist - who was it? Lulu, of course (got that one too)

There's also a best team name side competition, with last week's winners being LCD Down Syndrome (hmmm...) and last night's went to U2 Are Still A Bunch Of Cunts (which appears to be some sort of running joke). The best name winner gets a multi bag of crisps. Discos last night.

So yeah, it was lots of fun and I'd encourage anyone to go along for a laugh. The food's decent in a pub way, the beers are fine and there're dozens of bourbons there if you're into your whisky. And the host is quite the wit.

Hope to see you down there some time.

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