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Monday, 28 September 2009

Best.Promos.Ever. Aphex Twin

Aphex Twin's pushed so many musical boundaries that it's only right that his videos should do the same, and both of the below were directed by Chris Cunningham. The first one is the disturbing Come To Daddy promo, which in some respects reminds me of some of the Massive Attack videos, which will be coming up soon.

Second is the Windowlicker video, all 10 minutes plus of it. On the one hand it's a straightforward parody of US gangsta rap videos, especially in the first part where the wannabe gangsters try to hook up with the hoochies (who later turn into grotesque gargoyle versions of Richard D. James aka Aphex Twin himself). But the weirdness starts at the 4.20 mark when Aphex Twin appears, leering through the limo window. The term 'windowlicker' comes from the French phrase for window shopping, faire du l├Ęche-vitrine, which translates back to English literally as 'windowlicker'. So now you know. This video was beaten to the 2000 Best Video Brit award by Robbie Williams' Angels. Go figure.

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