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Monday, 5 October 2009

Best.Promos.Ever. Massive Attack

Annoyingly, a lot of the best music videos on You Tube have had embedding disabled by request, so I can't embed them here, but I figure that's not a reason to discount them from this series of posts. So, here's one that you'll have to click here to watch, with a screen grab below just to make this post look more interesting.

It's a famous promo, and rightly so, because not only is it a simple idea, but it also moves what's already a stunning song on another notch. If you listen to Blue Lines (the Massive Attack album that this comes from), there's an undeniable Englishness to it, right from the accents to the production. Even the cover of the Teddy Pendergrass classic Be Thankful For What You've Got sounds English in the context of the album. But this video, shot in LA, is hugely American and glossy feeling. I don't know what led to this being done in the US, but somehow it really adds another layer to the song, transporting it from Bristol all the way across the channel. Plus, not to overstate how good this is, but like lots of great pieces of art, you'll see something new everytime you watch it.

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