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Thursday, 26 November 2009

The craziest band tie-in ever?

I find the ideas bands (or the team around them) come up with to promote their album really interesting, and I've stuck a couple of these up before.

But I came across this story on Pitchfork the other day and this tie-in appears to top them all. The Black Keys have got a new album out under the name of Blakroc, and it's a hip hop project featuring Mos Def and Raekwon amongst others. Read about it here. Well, it seems that Damon Dash is in part behind the project and it also appears that as part of the album's release he (being the most likely suspect) has arranged for the release of this special Blakroc edition car at the same time as the album...

It certainly lives up to the 'black' part of the name. It's crazy - how many other below-the-radar bands would get a car as their synch piece of merchandise for the release of their side-project!?!?!

Click here for the full, and very funny, Pitchfork story.

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