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Friday, 18 December 2009

Elecktrik Red

Here's an interesting band that's new to me - Elecktrik Red. You may find them interesting too. I don't know though. You'll have to decide yourself. This is them...

They're R&B, one of the most inconsistent genres out there in my opinion, so I don't have as much as an ear to the R&B-ground as I could. But then the Guardian newspaper did a bunch of album reviews today for stuff they'd missed at the time of release over the course of the year, and they gave this record, called How To Be A Lady: Volume 1, a whopping 5/5 and a full half page (finishing with the line "one of the most essential R&B albums of the decade". Plus, and here was the clincher for me, it's produced by The-Dream, a dude I'm a big fan of. I put his track Rockin' That Shit on April's The Monthly, and it also made it to #16 in my Best Songs of 2009 list.

So it seemed to be well worth investigating. Well, I'd love to investigate it further, but it doesn't seem to exist on iTunes, 7Digital or Spotify. So here's a video of theirs so you can form some sort of opinion too. And on this link (but with embedding disabled) they've got a remix of the same track, So Good, with Lil Wayne rapping on it.

I don't know whether I've just been taken in by the Guardian's hype, but I think it's pretty good, and of course the full marks-review coupled with not being able to get hold of the damned thing is making me pretty desperate to hear it. The search continues.

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