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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Gorillaz live at the O2

I got to go and see Gorillaz last night - £42.50!! Not one I'd have probably thought to go to, but I'm really glad I did and suspect that if I'd missed them before they stop touring, I'd have regretted it.

As soon as the band came on though, it was obvious that Damon needed to pay a cast of dozens which goes some way to explaining the ticket price. Though whether he gets a cut of the £4.30 pint price is doubtful. Sorry, moaning over.

Pretty cool to see members of Blur, The Fall and The Clash on stage at the same time, as well as Bobby Womack, De La Soul, MF Doom, Neneh Cherry, Kano and a bunch of others popping up. Oh, and I think the excellent Hypnotic Brass Ensemble also performed but Mr Albarn didn't really properly introduce most of them, so it was hard to tell. Snoop cropped up too, but only in video form (above).

Great gig though, but I could definitely see how it would have fallen flat as a Glastonbury headlining slot, as was widely reported earlier in the year. Just simply not enough singalong choruses or hit singles, and that's a fact, for right or wrong.

Snazzy big Gorillaz sign too onstage, with my favourite colour combo below. Sometimes it's that simple to please me. A nicely coloured sign.

And I did chuckle to myself that, as an O2 customer, I was standing in the middle of the O2 Arena, with not a single sightline free from their logo, their presence forced on me with every glance. And could I get a signal? Could I fuck.


Del said...

Nice review. Yeah, I saw them at Glasto, and whilst I loved it, I could appreciate those that didn't. Shame that Damon hasn't learnt to actually introduce people. The show felt like a circus that needed a ringmaster. If not him, then someone. Should've given Phil Daniels a ring...

Still, HALF OF THE CLASH! Amazing.

MRW said...

Yeah, for any shortcomings it had (and there were some, but not many) it was just so easy to ignore them by thinking "I'm watching members of all these great bands onstage at the same time", and that was pretty unique.