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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The Monthly - November 10

1. DAFT PUNKDerezzed Hot Off The Press
These 100 seconds of music are a tantalising preview of Daft Punk’s return, in the form of the soundtrack to new Disney movie Tron: Legacy. It’s amazing. Bring on the album (in December) and (please God) the tour next year.

2. CHROMEOBonafied Lovin New To Me
A great new track for me from an awesome mix I was given recently. I love how knowing these lyrics are, though maybe that’s just because I’m getting on a bit. This was on the Canadian duo’s 2007 album, Fancy Footwork.

Another Canadian duo, CCs released their Crystal Castles II album earlier this year, with this track recently re-recorded to feature The Cure legend Robert Smith on vox.

Online recently I found two tracks from this year recorded for Converse, the trainer people. The other was by Hot Chip and Bernard Sumner and both are free (and on my blog). They follow last year’s Santogold/Strokes/Pharrell collabo.

5. TAPES N’ TAPESFreak Out Hot Off The Press
This indie band from Minneapolis are soon to put out their third album, featuring this brilliantly pacey track. I’m completely new to them, so don’t really have anything else to say. Enjoy!

6. JOHN GRANTChicken Bones New To Me
Singer/songwriter Grant is featuring in many 2010 round-ups with his excellent album Queen Of Denmark. Midlake were his backing band on that, and this was the highlight for me. Contains excellent repeated use of the phrase “fuck off”.

7. WARPAINTUndertow Hot Off The Press
All-girl LA group Warpaint released their debut album The Fool a month ago and have since been on the cover of NME. This was an iTunes single of the week and it’s a slow-burner but worth getting to know.

8. GIRL TALKOh No Hot Off The Press
He’s back! The subject of the first ever blog post for me, and included on one of the first ever The Monthly, the mix tape genius that is Girl Talk put out his third album for free on’t web this month. Check here for a link to the whole thing.

9. GORILLAZDoncamatic Hot Off The Press
I saw Gorillaz live this month, and they were great – tons of guests and the singles are great party tunes, including this recent non-album release featuring Mancunian Daley on vocals.

10. PRINCE FATTYShimmy Shimmy Ya New To Me
I’ve heard this at the now-defunct YOI club night I DJ at, but only got Fatty’s album of covers recently. This is an ODB cover, and his take on Cypress Hill’s Insane In The Brain is also ace. Both come from Supersize, released this year.

11. THE PHARCYDEPassin’ Me By Rediscovery Of The Month I
From The Pharcyde’s 1992 classic Bizarre Ride II this is just the epitome of early 90s hip hop. That killer organ sample is from Quincy Jones’s Summer In The City, in case you’re wondering.

12. P.M. DAWNSet Adrift On Memory Bliss Rediscovery Of The Month II
Couldn’t resist putting this on. It was played over the PA in between bands when I went to see the excellent Sleigh Bells at new venue XOYO. It’s from 1996. Ah, memories.

13. DAVE BRUBECKSanta Claus Is Coming To Town Special bonus Xmas song
Bah, humbug.

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