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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

The Monthly - December 10

Here's the last The Monthly of the year, and it's a big one. Enjoy it and I'll see you for more monthly fun in 2011...

1. NOAH & THE WHALEWild Thing Hot Off The Press
Great first offering from forthcoming new album Last Night On Earth.

Bucolic ditty from recent album Hawk from the singing unlikely couple.

3. VAMPIRE WEEKENDFight For This Love Hot Off The Press
Yes, they’ve covered Cheryl Cole, seemingly completely off their own bat too. Take that, irony.

4. AVI BUFFALOWhat’s It In For? New To Me
First single from earlier this year from Californian’s who clearly listened to a lot of The Shins.

5. R.E.M.Discoverer Hot Off The Press
Brand new track from the rock legends, from their upcoming 2011 album Collapse Into Now.

Nearly made The Monthly earlier in the year but recently voted NME’s album of the year, so I revisited.

7. ROC-CDon’t Stop New To Me
Underground hip-hopper gets exposure for this great track via cool new VW TV advert.

8. NICKI MINAJI’m the Best Hot Off The Press
Trinidadian pop-hopper has had lots of hype and this is a great track from her patchy, guest-strewn debut album.

9. SKEELO VS SURVIVORI Wish I Was A Tiger Hot Off The Press
Been around for a while but this Soulwax mash-up comes from a new collection of theirs. Awesome party fun.

10. THE FLYING LIZARDS - Money New To Me
Familiar for years, but only just properly logged in my brain. From their 1979 self-titled debut.

11. TALKING HEADSCrosseyed & Painless Rediscovery Of The Month I
Forgot how good this was, and clearly a massive influence on Friendly Fires, LCD, Hot Chip et al.

12. THE BELOVEDSweet Harmony Rediscovery Of The Month II
Dance music par excellence, this 1993 track resurfaced for me after Eddy Chemical Brother recommended on Twitter.

13. ROBYNDancehall Queen Hot Off The Press
More great stuff from the Swedish singer, from her recently released Body Talk album.

14. THE XXVCR (Matthew Dear Remix) New To Me
You all know the track but I only heard this terrific remix recently.

15. TOM SCOTTToday New To Me
Recommended by Ronson recently for the sample at 1m38 as used by Pete Rock & CL Smooth in hip hop classic TROY.

16. THE SWEETLove Is Like Oxygen New To Me
Another recommendation, this time by James from LCD. This was a 1978 top 10 hit for the Brit glam rock outfit.

17. BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARSYou Make Me So Very Happy New To Me
This cropped up on a random 60s compilation – fantastically funky, especially at the 1m45 mark.

18. BRUCE SPRINGSTEENBecause The Night Hot Off The Press
The Boss’s The Promise (recorded in 1978) came out recently to rave reviews and this is a highlight of highlights.

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