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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Ivory Tower starring Chilly Gonzales, Tiga and Peaches

So musicians aren't necessarily known for their acting ability when they give it a shot (except Jon Bon Jovi, of course), and off the top of my head I'd say they're even less known for their comic acting ability.

So I was truly shocked to find this advert for Ivory Tower, starring hipster favourites Chilly Gonzales, Tiga and Peaches, properly amusing. Is that really Tiga as one of the brothers??? I know what the other two look like so have to assume from the credits that that's him. Fair play.

And although it's always annoying to find press quotes accurate, the one that flashes across the screen claiming the movie's a combination of Will Ferrell and Wes Anderson kind of hits the nail on the head. So yeah, I'd quite like to see this please. When's it out?

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