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Monday, 14 May 2012

A series of Don Covay coincidences

Check this out. I listen to this record a lot - it's one of my favourites. And I listened to it just last week - so far, so unremarkable.

The second track on it is Grant Green's Sookie Sookie (at 11 minutes on record it's less a slice of funk and more a whole loaf of it). Here it is.

Then the other day, Dan from the EPPA (who've picked up the torch that the Young Offenders Institute lit), posted this track on Facebook...

I'd never heard of Don Covay, so did some digging prompted by Dan. Turns out he wrote the original Sookie Sookie, which I never knew. Here's that.

Also turns out he wrote it with Steve Cropper, the brilliant guitarist from Booker T & The MG's...

Also one of the MG's was one of the best bassists ever - Donald "Duck" Dunn. Here he is, with Steve Cropper and Ray Charles, amongst others, in The Blues Brothers.

Which all leads back to the very sad news that Duck done died yesterday. So I'm glad I was remembering him anyway, thanks to Dan's mention of Don Covay. Funny how these things come about. Now excuse me while I get back to choosing which Don Covay track to put on The Monthly

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