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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

My box of musical treasures #4

Welcome to the penultimate installment of this mini-series of posts.

Below are two photos of some of my ticket stubs from over the years.

I'd say that the lack of memories that most of these give me is very disappointing. Some of them I really don't even remember going to - and I don't mean that in a 'wow, I was so cool and wasted I can't even remember being there' way. It's much more of a 'Jesus, some of these gigs were so much about work and not at all about fun that I have no recollection of them'. And that's a bit of a shame really.

Take the JJ72 ticket for instance. I can barely remember the band, let alone going to the gig. I presume I was there for the support act (though I don't know who they were) because I know I never had anything to do with JJ72.

Others of course stand out a mile. Faith No More at the NEC in 1992, Guns N' Roses at Paris Bercy a couple of years back, Jimmy Eat World on the Warped tour in 2001 in North Carolina. Great stuff.

And if you can't be doing with zooming in at all, don't they make pretty pictures?

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