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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

The Monthly - September 08 - Stop Press! Extra Info!

If you've read the notes for track 6 on September's best of you'll have seen the reference to the fact that My Morning Jacket were in a Dutch radio station when they recorded their cover of Elton John's Rocket Man.

Well, curiosity was gnawing away at me so I asked my friend Dan if he could help me out with what the DJ was saying at the end of the song. Dan's proper Dutch (his surname is Dutch for Of The Woods - how cool is that?!). He can't really speak the lingo though but his Pa's a bona fide Netherlander so I asked if he could help me out. And the lovely man has indeed done that. So if you too were wondering what the Dutch DJ was saying, here it is.

"Rocket Man played solo by Jim James on the stairs of Studio Amstel; his favoritite stairs where songs appear out of nothing and the acoustics hand it all to you."

Thanks Dan, and thanks very much to Mr Van Den Bosch Sr - we owe you one.

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