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Friday, 3 October 2008

My box of musical treasures #5

And so with a tear in my eye we come to the final part of the Box Of Musical Treasures odyssey.

The last photo below is of some of my sticky passes. As I look at them now I'm not quite sure why these exist (I mean in general, not just for me). They don't do anything that wristband or laminate does, but I presume they're cheaper, so maybe that's it. I'm glad they exist though as this would have been a series of 4 rather than 5 posts. Lucky us!

Like the tickets and wristbands, I'm afraid details will be a bit thin on the ground. Here's a couple of highlights for me though:

- The four The Who stickers in the middle of the picture are pretty cool, though I'm cheating a bit as they're all from the same night, in Madrid when the band opened their European tour of a couple of years ago.
- Love the Guns N' Roses one from Paris (it's the one in the middle, second up from the bottom, green and white with some people in the middle of it who I think are meant to be Chinese revolutionaries, as in Chinese Democracy, see?)
- Probably my favourite is actually the EMI sticker that's at the top, second one from the left. I was visiting a friend there and it meant I got to go inside the famous Capitol Records building in LA. It's designed like a stack of records (see below). Ha - as I was writing that I suddenly thought how sad it was that it had been knocked down, but then I realised I was getting real life confused with fiction (we've all done it, right?), and that it got knocked down in a film. Which one I'm not sure - was it that apocalyptic weather one? Day After Tomorrow?

So that's all from my box, and it's likely to stay that way now that my life doesn't seem to take me to so many gigs, at least not in a laminate/wristband kind of a way. Shame in a way, but in other ways I'm pretty happy about that.

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