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Friday, 5 December 2008

Coldplay take a chance

I think this is fantastic news. Not many bands take a proper gamble these days, but I do believe that Coldplay have just done that.

I'd already heard about their tour next September with Jay-Z as their support. Now, on the one hand that's not really a surprise - they've been recording together lately and have given each other props in the press quite a lot. But on the other, it's not like they've got the new indie kids band to support them, or taken out an MGMT-a-like, so it's pretty damn cool that they've got the world's best rapper on their bill anyway.

But they didn't stop there. Jigga can't do one of the two Wembley dates, so who have Coldplay got to support them instead? It's only Girls A-frickin-Loud. How's that for unexpected?!?!

I think that's a good, good thing. Good on you boys (and girls).

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