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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Grammys Pt. 2.

Great to see such a good night for the Brits at the Grammy Awards on Sunday.

I posted a few weeks ago about the fact that so many British acts had been nominated, and it's great to see that they weren't just there for fun.

Robert Plant's album with Alison Krauss (both pictured above at the Awards) was the big British winner of the night, taking five awards, including the prestigious Record of the Year, which they fought off exclusively British competition to claim. Coldplay also won big, with song of the year going to Viva La Vida.

New talent was recognised too - Adele, Duffy and Estelle all picked up awards.

I pick up a lot of hints from various media sources that the Grammys are a bit of a joke, and that out of their many, many categories, only a couple of the main ones are considered 'worth' winning. Well, I doubt that's the case, and I certainly don't think that Coldplay, Robert Plant, Adele, Duffy and Estelle would agree with that either.

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