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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Today is a good day for music

Not only did a little parcel from Amazon turn up, but I also rediscovered a superb rare mixtape that I forgot I had.

The Amazon package had in it three albums:
Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve - Reanimations Vol. 1 (have this on in the background now and on the strength of the first track alone [Chemical Brothers' Battle Scars], it's a great album, Ooh - the second track is on and it's their fricking amazing remix of Franz Ferdinand's Ulysses).
The Mohawks - The Champ (a stone cold classic that I've only ever had on vinyl, which also came with a funky little flyer for lots of other old soul and funk reissues - see pic below).
US3 - Hand On The Torch (when I first got into hip hop this was a non-threatening way to start and played the hell out of the cassette of this when I was about 16. Heard Cantaloop on the radio the other day and was filled with nostalgia enough to buy the CD).

And the mix I rediscovered was something I picked up in Amoeba in LA on our honeymoon in 2004 - it's by DJ Green Lantern (one of Eminem's touring DJs) and is of the Beastie Boys, with lots of cool samples dropped in behind their rhymes. It's called New York State Of Mind and went down a treat in the sun today.

If only all days were like this.

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