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Friday, 17 July 2009

Arthur King and the coolness from Paris

Those of you that know me will know that I've been a fan of Paris DJ Arthur King for a while, and his Pop Shit mix is one of my favourites ever (where he puts a load of hip hop tracks over the original pop music that they sample - simple but effective). I think that's sold out now, but it was being sold through Paris' version of Harvey Nichols, Collette.

My Wife hired Arthur to be the DJ at one of the MTV Europe Awards a few years ago and he got to DJ alongside Justin Timberlake, which was pretty cool. As well as doing lots of uber-cool mixtapes (several of which you can download for free from his Myspace page, he's also a video director, and below is a new video that he's just posted on his blog. It's very nice indeed with a great trick for showing the lyrics. Here it is...

Mr; J Medeiros : Holding On from Arthur King on Vimeo.

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