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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Watch out for Stagecoach

I'm on and off reading the Nick Hornby book 31 Songs at the moment and there's a chapter in it where he talks about a friend's band and how it's odd when someone who you know has a band that's actually pretty good, and how sometimes it takes a while for that realisation to dawn because, due to the depressingly negative way that most of us seem to think these days, the assumption is that the people you know personally couldn't possibly be making music anywhere near as good as real bands.

I'm glad that it's regularly been proven, to me at least, to be a ridiculous assumption, and Stagecoach are the latest band that prove that PEOPLE YOU KNOW CAN MAKE GREAT MUSIC.

And I'm not alone in thinking that, because Stagecoach have just signed to Alcopop, which is a pretty damn cool place to be. You can read here about the signing.

I can't think of a better description than that which is on their Myspace page ("powerpop for BMX kids") - there are big doses of classic American alt.poprock groups like Weezer, Fountains Of Wayne and even the slightly more quirky side of that like Okkervil River, and listening to We Got Tazers! (a candidate for my best song titles ever series?), I'm already imagining that song being a vital part of a night getting absolutely blind drunk and ending with me standing on a table singing far too loudly and jumping up and down until the table collapses. Depends on the table I suppose, but the point remains. And that's about the biggest compliment I can pay Stagecoach.

Check out We Got Tazers! here (posted with full band permission I hasten to add! Though I'm trying to work out one of those fricking media players for the blog but I can't seem to get it to work right now, so this will have to do).

Good luck to Luke and the boys, I'll be rooting for you.

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