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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Zane Lowe's hat-trick of great new music

Big up to Zane for these three - new tracks from (in this order) Pearl Jam, Beastie Boys and Jamie T.

The Beasties' track (featuring Nas) is fricking awesome, but I'm such a fan maybe I'm biased. Very bad news yesterday about MCA (Adam Yauch) having throat cancer. From a selfish point of view it means the delay of the new album and the tour dates that they had planned, but really, when something that bad happens things like new albums should take a back seat. If you didn't see the video that they emailed out, then it's below also - done, as ever, with an air of cool that not many people could inject into such an announcement.

Anyway, fawning over - enjoy the music.

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