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Friday, 16 October 2009

Beck, MGMT, Devendra et al do Leonard Cohen

The coolest man out there continues his occasional Record Club series (I blogged about the first installment a while ago, where Beck and buddies covered The Velvet Underground). This time it's Leonard Cohen's turn to get covered in the studio by Beck and his pals. On the line-up this time is Devendra Banhart, MGMT, Wolfmother, Nigel Godrich and the actor (and Beck's brother-in-law) Giovanni Ribisi. There are others too that I'm not so familiar with, but I've no doubt they're cool too. Just being there doing that makes the cool.

They cover So Long, Marianne (below), Sisters Of Mercy, Stranger Song, Winter Lady, Master Song and Suzanne.

Record Club: Songs Of Leonard Cohen "So Long, Marianne" from Beck Hansen on Vimeo.

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