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Saturday, 12 December 2009

Nice new Frankie & The Heartstrings stuff

After seeing Frankie & The Heartstrings play a while back (read the review here), I was keen to get some music asap, so snapped up the Rough Trade releases as soon as they were available. I'm not a massive fan of live albums, but when the first Frankie release was a live 10", there wasn't much doubt that I'd get it, and as hoped it's bloody good.

When you get the 10" you also receive a few goodies - a nifty tote bag (with the popsexltd logo on the reverse), a few badges, a very cool fanzine, and the crowning glory that is a postcard of Jackie Whites Market, Sunderland (where the band are from). Here it all is...

I have a feeling these guys will be making a name for themselves in 2010, so do yourself a favour and grab the 10" now while it's still available...

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