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Thursday, 1 July 2010

Birthday funny

So it's my birthday today. Woo. Hoo. I haven't posted anything for a while, and for the few people who do check back here every now and then, I apologise for that. My mind's been elsewhere, which if you know me you'll already know. Anyway, enough of the online confessional.

I was in the US recently and this advert always made me chuckle when I saw it, and also prompted me to go out and buy the song from it - The Choice Is Yours by Black Sheep. So who says advertising doesn't work? Admittedly, the makers of the ad probably would prefer me to go and buy a Kia car, but the song was about $13,999.21 cheaper.

I'll try and get my act together and post some more soon - I am seeing lots to write about, it's just finding the time and frame of mind to turn that into a blog post that's been the issue.

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