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Monday, 5 July 2010

The Monthly - June 10

1. TED LEO & THE PHARMACISTSThe Mighty Sparrow New To Me
Indie punk rocker Leo hails from Indiana and after seeing him recently at the Luminaire, he was so good the albums inevitably found their way to me. This is from his recent release The Brutalist Bricks.

2. THE SMALL FACESCome On Children New To Me
Classic Band I’ve Only Just Caught Up With #436. Before disbanding in 1969, The Small Faces released 5 albums, and this is the second track from their self-titled 1966 debut. Amazingly heavy 60s workout from a massively influential group.

3. BILLY BALL & THE UPSETTERSTighten Up Tighter New To Me
Came across this when looking for the Archie Bell & The Drells original, but this is so fast and funky I bought it too. Can’t find out much on them, but they get bonus points for name-checking Birmingham (albeit the Alabama one).

4. JAMIE LIDELLEnough’s Enough Hot Off The Press
Taken from Lidell’s recent Beck produced album, Compass, this is the Cambridgeshire lad at his most accessible, channeling the many soul influences that run through his less-arty tracks.

5. HOT 8 BRASS BANDWhat’s My Name? New To Me
This was played by fellow Young Offenders Institute DJ Dave amongst his excellent soul and funk set. It came out in 2008 and is a good addition to any leftfield cover versions playlist (it’s Snoop Dogg, obvs).

6. LITTLE REDIt’s Alright New To Me
These Aussie guys released their debut album in 2008 but it’s only just come my way. Their album, Listen To Little Red is a great indie pop record and this track reminds me a lot of The Feelies’ Let’s Go.

7. THE TEENAGERSMade Of Hot Off The Press
Been hanging out with lots of French bands lately, and these guys have just released this new track, following on from their 2008 debut album. It’s as catchy as I always expect and hope French bands to be, and I’m glad I’ve found them.

8. UNICORN KIDDream Catcher Hot Off The Press
Not for those who don’t like beepy computer game dance, but I know some of y’all do. 18 year old Unicorn Kid is from Edinburgh and has been releasing music since he was 15, but is now just going overground. Worth keeping an eye on.

9. !!!AM/FM Hot Off The Press
Pronounced Chk Chk Chk, !!! are somewhat unknown to me. This track, a sample from the Californian band’s new album Strange Weather, Isn’t It? shows off their dance punk credentials perfectly.

10. SLEIGH BELLS - Kids New To Me
Signed to MIA’s label NEET, the hectic, noisy, punky pop of course has shades of MIA, but the Brooklyn duo are a little less “throw the kitchen sink at it”. They released their new record Treats last month.

11. THE BLACK KEYSNext Girl Hot Off The Press
A favourite of mine for a while, Black Keys seem to be more visible than ever, and their new album, Brothers, comes hot on the heels of their Monthly-featured hip hop record Blakroc.

12. THE COOL KIDSGreat Outdoors Hot Off The Press
Midwest USA’s The Cool Kids have featured on The Monthly before, and their new track is good enough for me to make it again. I like their lyrics – all everyday life while still sounding cooler than I could ever hope to be.

13. BLACK SHEEPThe Choice Is Yours New To Me
In New York recently, my favourite TV ad was for Kia cars and featured some awesome CGI hamsters bouncing around town in a car listening to this. Catch the advert here featuring this Queens duo’s song from 2000.

14. ROBYNDon’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do Hot Off The Press
You all know about Robyn, and her new album (the first of two this year) is pretty good, with this being the highlight. It’s gone straight on my Scandopop playlist.

15. GRUMTurn It Up Hot Off The Press
Grum is the second new Scottish dance producer this month, and although I can’t find anything about the female singer on this track, its shades of Madonna have made it a regular listen for me this month.

16. HOT HOT HEATBandages Rediscovery Of The Month
These Canadians have got some new material out which is good, but it made me come back to this, their 2003 single, a staple of all good modern indie discos.

Thanks to anyone who passed on tips this month – you know who you are

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