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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Classic Album Sundays

Came across this interesting story on the BBC about Classic Album Club.

The idea's a simple one - people get together and listen to classic albums all the way through, with no breaks (not even for the toilet), no talking and no messing with your phone. Apparently it's held in a pub in Islington, putting it right in my neck of the woods. Anyone know where??

Gotta say though, it provokes mixed feelings in me. Ultimately I think it's a good idea (and besides, as with all these ideas, if they're not hurting anyone it always puzzles me why anyone would object). But at first I was a little suspicious of making a listening arrangement like that so formal. It just didn't really seem in the spirit of music. And, as Peter from Popjustice comments, it's reminiscent of the type of chin-stroking po-faced behaviour that can put a lot of younger people off music from a while back.

But anyway, like I say, I wouldn't say no to going. Or I could just do it at home on my own with a nice G&T in hand.

By the way the record picture above is just a random one that I thought would sit well with the topic of this story. You know, like what they do on the news.

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