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Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Musical Talking Point #1

Subject: The new Tony Christie album

Details: Made In Sheffield is released on November 10th and is produced by Richard Hawley and features writing and performances from other Sheffield glitterati such as Alex Turner, Jarvis Cocker and Roisin Murphy.

What to say if you want to be positive: If you ignore that fucking Peter Kay song, he's actually had a respectable career, notably his vocals on the Jarvis Cocker track with All Seeing I, Walk Like A Panther. And it's great he's embracing his roots and working with contemporary talent. The pre-release track Going Home Tomorrow is a welcome addition to any discerning music fan's collection.

What to say if you want to be negative: It's impossible to ignore that fucking Peter Kay song. And have you seen the photography for the new album? It's so try-hard it's embarrassing. The whole thing's a blatant rip off of the Neil Diamond/Johnny Cash reinventing-a-hasbeen-in-a-dark-sunglasses-kind-of-a-way.

What to say if you want to sit on the fence: Did you know that the album's title, Made In Sheffield, is a patented phrase that Christie had to get permission from the Sheffield Town & Guild before using?

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