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Monday, 24 August 2009

V for Victory

Last weekend marked the final working festival of the summer for me and it was at V in Chelmsford. With the good folks at Global Cool we've been to Download, Wireless and T In The Park with our bus and V was a the last of the bunch. I will however be taking myself off to the End Of The Road Festival in September, but that'll be all for fun, baby.

Unfortunately for me V marked a low point in terms of how much live music I got to see - precisely zilch - but I did get to hang out in the artist area all weekend and so it's hard to complain. Met Keane, Mr Hudson, Athlete, Paolo Nutini, James Morrison and a bunch of others, all of whom I'm pleased to say seemed like nice chaps.

Lady Gaga was swanning about in ridiculous clothing, as ever. Look...

But backstage would have been far more boring if she hadn't been there. Here's Mr Hudson signing the Global Cool t-shirt, which you'll be able to win on their website soon..

He seemed like a very decent bloke. And here's Pixie Lott, who I had nothing to do with but I took a photo of so I might as well put it up...

But special award for funniest blokes of the weekend goes to the irrepressible Goldie Looking Chain. Their story of a man eating chips off a plate that he was balancing on the head of the woman who was giving him a blow job (on a bus) will stay with me for a long time...

That's about it really. I'd quite like some time off now I think.

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