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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

The Monthly - July 10

So as I backtrack over the past few months of non-bloggery, I'll put up the few editions of The Monthly that missed out on the blog. I carried on making them and have even added a few subscribers, so that part of the service didn't suffer, so see what you think of the past few months of my recommendations...

1. COZY POWELLDance With The Devil New To Me
I chipped in on a conversation choosing the soundtrack to a new advert, and this was one of the options. Drummer Powell was a prolific sticksman with Whitesnake, Rainbow and Brian May amongst many others, until his death in 1998.

2. BOW WOW WOWI Want Candy (Kevin Shields remix) New To Me
While rooting through someone’s CDs recently I found the soundtrack to Marie Antoinette and this gem stood out for me. The Strangeloves’ version is awesome, but this has got a great 80s-ness to it, with My Bloody Valentine’s Shields remixing it for the soundtrack.

3. SEMI PRECIOUS WEAPONSSemi Precious Weapons Hot Off The Press
New York’s SWPs trade highly on their trashiness, like a 2010 New York Dolls. They’ve got the Kate Moss hanging off their arms when they’re here, and Paris Hilton bussing around them in the States. It’s all very faux, but this is a fun track.

4. SCISSOR SISTERSNight Work Hot Off The Press
I actually delayed listening to the new Scissors album, their third, because I just assumed it’d be okay, but in truth, it’s a tour de force of modern pop songwriting. This is the title track, and it makes want to wear legwarmers every time.

5. PATRICK WOLFThe Magic Position New To Me
I switched off from Wolf a while ago and had no idea he had songs like this in him till I heard it at work. Londoner Wolf was signed to Polydor while I was there and this came out in 2007 just after I’d left, which might explain why I missed it.

6. CHILLY GONZALESNever Stop Hot Off The Press
Normally just known by his surname, Canadian hipster Gonzales has a new album out now, and he’s as cool as ever. I really like his white-boy raps on this, especially the Beth Ditto line.

7. MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACKCut Your Hair Hot Off The Press
This reminds me of Little Red and Stagecoach, both of whom have been on the Monthly recently. Americans MCS play pop-punk but this is a more indie affair from their new album My Dinosaur Life.

8. THE MORNING BENDERSExcuses Hot Off The Press
California’s Morning Benders have made a lot of waves lately, and one listen to this and you’ll hear why. Their dreamy vocals and gorgeous melodies have drawn all sorts of comparisons with many a great band, but just take them on their own merits, I say.

9. WOMENEyesore Hot Off The Press
I find this track really interesting – it’s a bit MGMT, a bit Beach Boys, a bit Pink Floyd. They’re from Alberta, Canada and have the likes of NME and Pitchfork singing their praises. Overhyped? Certainly. Pretty good? Definitely.

10. N.E.R.D. Feat NELLY FURTADOHot-N-Fun (Yeasayer Remix) Hot Off The Press
It’s an odd combo, Pharrell’s boys being remixed by hipster favourites Yeasayer, but it definitely works. If you know the recent Yeasayer album (and you should!), a lot of the electro squelches will be familiar to you, and it sits well with N.E.R.D.’s Miami-bass moments.

11. PHAROAHE MONCHShine Hot Off The Press
I’ve been a Monch fan for ages since finding him on some mixtapes from legendary hip hop label Rawkus. This comes from his new album We Are Renegades and if you’re new to him, check out Fuck You from the Training Day soundtrack.

12. K’NAANT.I.A. New To Me
Somali/Canadian rapper K’Naan is four albums in, but he’s just come to my attention after his track Wavin’ Flags was used on the Coke World Cup ad. The sticker on his album has some mag claiming he’s what Bob Marley would be like if he’d rapped. Not sure about that, but this, his album opener, is a good track.

13. EDWARD SHARPE & THE MAGNETIC ZEROSDesert Song (Turbotito Remix) Hot Off The Press
No sooner had a friend told me about her favourite band (these guys) and a link to a remix of their last single sprang up in my inbox from one of my favourite blogs. Desert Song came out last year but this new remix puts the whole thing in a pretty great Ibiza-y place, keeping Sharpe’s eerie vocals still to the fore.

14. ETTA JAMESAt Last Rediscovery Of The Month
I played this at a wedding I DJed at earlier in the year and it’s such a beautiful track. Originally a Glenn Miller track, this Etta James version comes from 1961. Put it on, turn the lights down and just have yourself a little moment with your loved one. It’ll be worth it.

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