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Monday, 22 November 2010

Sleigh Bells at XOYO

Great gig last night - which was very much appreciated because I can't say I really felt like going out on a cold Sunday night, but Sleigh Bells exploded at the new XOYO venue in Old Street.

Support came from New York's The Knocks, who put on an impressively bouncy dance party for their 30 minute support slot. Wasn't sure I totally got their dancers (below) but the two guys both chipped in with vocals, drums and samples and got the whole dance floor moving.

Then came Sleigh Bells, touring their first album Treats, which is a great record (from which I put Kids on The Monthly in June).

They were immense - guitarist and nob-twiddler Derek Miller had a few mighty riffs up his sleeves but it was singer Alexis Krauss (above) who captured the sweaty audience's attention, partly because she's cool as any singer out there at the moment (all dark eyeliner and tattoos) but also because she wasn't afraid to get involved with the first few rows in the absence of any security or barriers in front of the stage. Sure they won't be playing small venues for too much longer, so catch them while you can.

The Sleigh Bells setlist...

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