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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

What I Did This Summer

In case you feel the need to have some sort of proof that I did in fact go to lots of festivals this summer, here's a couple of smart little videos from Global Cool that we filmed backstage at Download, Wireless, T In The Park and V Festival. In the top one, you can even see yours truly at about the 1m30s mark narrowly avoiding a collision with some backwards-walking buffoon, a disaster only avoided by my extensive training in ballet and the other dance-based arts.

On here you'll find Keane, McFly, Mr Hudson, The Hours, Noisettes, VV Brown, Florence (without her Machine), James Morrison, Jack Penate, Mpho and tons of others who I can't quite remember right now.

And in case you don't get the message, log on to Global Cool. NOW!

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