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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Erol Alkan recommends...

Erol Alkan is a man who I admire, and after his work under the Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve moniker, he's a man whose recommendations I think are worth listening to. If you don't know much about Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve, they've cropped up on the blog a bunch of times, including:
August 2008's The Monthly
March 2009's The Monthly
July 2009's The Monthly
My top albums of 2008
Their amazing collection of remixes, Reanimations Vol. 1
Number 11 in my top 100 songs of the decade
And various setlists, including here and here

So when @erolalkan Tweeted just now that he was going to suggest a few tracks that he recommends, I saw an opportunity for a post. And these are the tracks he put out there (some are videos, some are just the music). It's all very much on the dirty electronica tip but it's clearly at the quality end of that genre. And besides, I don't have enough of that stuff on here, so here we go....

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